babysitting, Aged, Child Care, House Cleaning, Housekeeping, Nanny, Nursing, babysitting jobs | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

babysitting, Aged, Child Care, House Cleaning, Housekeeping, Nanny, Nursing, babysitting jobs | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

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Dial An Angel – Housecleaning, Aged Care & Family Care Specialists

DIAL-AN-ANGEL® is Australia’s only national group specialising in Home, Aged, Child and Family care. The Agency has been assisting Australian families, businesses and overseas visitors since 1967. Live-in as well as Visiting Angels® are able to provide all home-based services: domestic housekeeping, child care, supervised contact visits, care by nannies, in-home nursing, eldercare, garden and home maintenance, concierge services, pet care, caretaking, and assistance with home and corporate functions. Medico-legal reports may be requested and a wide range of services are available through our corporate services department, including Employee Assistance Programs.

Need a gift idea? How about a Gift Voucher from DIAL-AN-ANGEL? Give someone you care for some free time to do the things they love, while we take care of the house or the kids! 

All of our Angels® are insured to work in your home, professionally screened and interviewed in person for your protection. We pride ourselves on having one of the most rigorous and professional screening processes in the marketplace today. Our selective recruitment has always reflected Australia's multicultural society. It enables us to provide culturally and linguistically diverse services.

We have set out our Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Service Users of Attendant Care Services here which we believe should be the minimum entitlement for each of our service users. We encourage your feedback, every complaint or concern will be investigated and a formal complaints procedure is followed.

We have offices around Australia offering cleaning, childcare, aged care and nursing in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. 

Payment can be made by MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Cheque, EFT and Money Order.

Simply call 1300 721 111 or contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

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