Working with Businesses & Staff to support families

The ONLY national provider who can offer childcare, aged care and home care services for businesses

There is no doubt that DIAL-AN-ANGEL® has a well-established and long-standing reputation as the leader in home and family care. But did you know we work with Government, Not-For-Profits, small business right through to large corporates? We assist them in tackling the balance between work life, family life, carers' responsibilities, employment participation and gender equality within their organisations.

With over 47 years’ experience we know that flexible work practices, recruitment, and retention are still key issues in Australian workplaces. Employers are still looking at childcare and the provision of domestic services as critical elements in assisting their employees with work life balance and enhancing workplace productivity. And we can help them!

Australian workplaces are looking to support their employees with information and resources being available 24/7. They also want to support their employees with more in-depth information providing support services with real people who can take a personal approach to solving employees work life issues. Individual, tailored solutions can make a real difference to employees, and we can do that with a dedicated online portal full of resources for businesses and families.

We even work with advertising and creative agencies as they look for exciting prizes to make their campaigns sizzle! Need a Medico Legal report accessing data from the last 47 years? No problem! Having trouble recruiting Early Childhood Educators and Kindergarten teachers? We even do that.

When it comes to childcare, aged and disability care or home care we have business services all wrapped up! All it takes is one phone call to access all these services nationally.

Our friendly and experienced coordinators are ready to help. Simply call 1300 721 111 or make an enquiry online.