Diginifed, experienced and professional palliative care in the home

It is one of the life’s certainties that one day, each of us, will pass away. For some, circumstances may mean that families and friends can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that loved ones are as comfortable as possible in familiar surroundings during this final stage of life. When a person makes such health care directives for themselves it is known as an Advanced Health Directive (AHD).

Palliative care is a particular type of end of life care. It is provided for people who have a progressive, active and advanced illness, with little or no prospect of cure. The aim of palliative care is to achieve the best possible quality of life for the person, their family and carers. It focuses on 'living' well until death regardless of whether the person has an AHD or not.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL® offers assistance to those who choose to spend their last days in their own home. Our highly experienced Angels® ensure that your loved one is as comfortable, peaceful and reassured as possible whilst also providing support for families and loved ones. Our services are available over long and short-term periods and include providing feedback on the person’s pain-levels to assigned medical practitioners.

We are able to tailor services to meet your specific requirements, DIAL-AN-ANGEL provides end-of-life support to people of any age that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Some of the more common illnesses requiring palliative care include cancer, HIV/AIDS, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and end-stage dementia. Our Angels aim to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for those at the end of life in order to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Support for carers

Caring for someone approaching the end of their life can be emotionally draining. It is very important to take time to look after yourself, to help you stay fit, healthy and relaxed. That’s where our respite care services can help carers as well.

Why choose DIAL-AN-ANGEL?

At DIAL-AN-ANGEL, we understand that sensitivity and discretion are vitally important factors when providing in-home care, especially for those receiving end of life care. DIAL-AN-ANGEL is the trusted name for in-home care in your community. We have the experience, expertise, dedication, and reliability to organise home nursing services by Angels with the highest standards of quality and commitment.

We come to you. Our services are available in a range of settings, including your home, assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital or hospice.

During the initial consultation, we will explain our specialised services and develop a personalised care program tailored to meet your specific needs. Your care plan will be overseen by a Registered Nurse. As your requirements may vary over time, your care plan will be regularly reviewed and updated using our long-established, tailored process called Care8™

DIAL-AN-ANGEL specialises in finding the very best Angels for any situation. All of our Angels are insured to work in your home, experienced, qualified, reference checked, professionally screened and interviewed in person for your protection. Where State laws allow Police clearances and 'Working with Children' Checks are undertaken. We pride ourselves on having one of the most rigorous and professional screening processes in the marketplace today. Our selective recruitment has always reflected Australia's multicultural society. It enables us to provide culturally and linguistically diverse services.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL also provides Angels for housekeeping & home cleaningnannying and babysitting, supervised contact visits, party help, aged care, in-home nursing, dementia, palliative and disability care in the home. A wide range of services are available to businesses such as medico legal reporting, employee work-life flexibility programs, trade promotions for competitions and emergency care programs for children and seniors. Gift vouchers are available for all of our services.

As a national company, we have offices around Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Central Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. Our friendly and experienced coordinators are ready to help. Simply call 1300 721 111 or make an enquiry online.