Make Care Fair

The Childcare debate is NOT a new issue! 

For many decades, anyone associated with childcare in the home has been aware that families are not given choice when it comes to selecting childcare. 

Families are provided with minimal choice for their child caring arrangements. They may have a family member, friend or professional Nanny caring for their child (no rebate applicable) compared with placing the children into a childcare centre or family day care so that the family can obtain the 50% childcare rebate.

What has been forgotten is in-home care for the ‘average person', those who do not fit the criteria for in home care places. Families, who make the choice to employ professional child carers and nannies for "one on one" care in their own home, are not currently able to receive the same rebate as family day care and childcare centres also known as "Approved Childcare."

If one sector of the community is able to receive the 50% childcare rebate with systems and infrastructure in place already, why can't the whole population access the same rebate? The precedent is set with an administrative system already in place.

Not everyone works 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and many women forgo careers as childcare is not available. Research suggests that if the level of female employment were to match male employment, Australia's GDP would be boosted by 11%, which is equivalent to further $25billion to the Australian Economy

The current system is clearly not working. Wait lists for places in Centres and Before and After School care is in crisis (people are moving suburbs to get their children into programs), school holiday / Vacation care coverage is a big issue for working parents. When children are ill and unable to attend childcare / school or when children require specialised care is a further concern. Not to mention families that need support with special needs children or multiple births. Australians need - and deserve - access to a range of flexible, affordable and professional childcare options.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL is continuing the work started in 2011 under the Make Care Fair initiative. We must keep the pressure on State and Federal Government to ensure that any childcare rebate programs are "inclusive" of all Australians

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"I believe this would be a valuable reform in assisting more women to return to the workforce and under-employed or part time women to return to full time or greater hours of employment. It would benefit the economy if more skilled women were able to return to the workforce and help in addressing the skills shortage in these times of low unemployment when employers are struggling to find skilled and quality candidates to employ." - Mark

"I have been a shift worker and primary carer for thirteen years now. It isn't only accessing suitable affordable care, it is also finding care outside of set business hours. No day care centre (in home family day care or a centre) were willing to work with my 5week roster. I'm surely not the only mother/ primary cater in this situation. I'd like to see some massive changes to the system, including better pay and conditions for those in this industry." - Lotta


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