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Employers giving the gift of time   

It seems that businesses are starting to listen to their employees, with many now choosing to provide discounted or free services in place of cash bonuses. These services include discounted gym memberships, movie tickets and the most popular choice among employees – support services to care for children, the home and aging parents. These types of bonuses and incentives work to give employees the ‘gift of time’ – ensuring employees feel valued in a way a traditional cash bonus cannot.


DIAL-AN-ANGEL works with a number of companies including Westpac and Ernst and Young to provide these corporate incentives. We work with companies to create personalised packages and we are always interested in working with new companies! You can read the article from the Australian Financial Review here and learn more about our corporate incentives program on our website


Submissions into the state of childcare close February 3rd

The Productivity Commission inquiry into childcare wants to hear from you! The inquiry, announced in November by the Abbott government is looking for submissions from Australian parents to supplement those from relevant organisations such as the Australian Nanny Association (ANA). Parents wishing to participate in the inquiry can do so by making a comment directly via the Productivity Commission website, providing a written submission or participating in public hearings. Comments must be received by February 3 for inclusion in the draft report. Further submissions are welcome throughout the inquiry.


Cut down on stress in 2014

Did you run yourself ragged last year dealing with your family’s commitments? If you’d like some help, but don’t want to commit to a full time nanny, DIAL-AN-ANGEL offers before/after school care and part time or casual nannies. These carers can assist with school drop off and pick up, transportation to various activities and generally making your life easier. Give yourself the gift of time and get on top of things today! Why not call us and have a chat with one of our lovely childcare coordinators about how we can help you on 1300 721 111.


Tai Chi may help fight obesity

It is well known that Tai Chi has an extensive list of benefits to your physical and emotional health, including stress reduction, increase in muscle strength, flexibility, and improvements in balance and posture. In addition to these fantastic benefits, a recent study has found that Tai Chi could also help fight obesity. Occasionally at 3pm, you will find many of our Sydney team members doing Tai Chi to relieve stress and increase productivity in the afternoons and they love it! Read more about the study here and see some of our tips for getting started with Tai Chi.

  • Take a class or watch a DVD – in person is the best way to learn, but a DVD can be helpful if there are no classes near you
  • Start with slow, flowing movements
  • Practice at home and start a routine
  • Practice tai chi in conjunction with other forms of meditation to enhance the benefits


January Party help
January brings with it wonderful weather and many opportunities for entertaining. Are you keen to host an Australia Day barbeque, but wish you had an extra set of hands? Dreading washing up after your Chinese New Year celebration? Our
party help Angels® are available to ensure your event is as stress free as possible. Our Angels are available for dishwashing, food preparation, bartending, serving and more. Book early to ensure you don’t miss out on this incredibly popular service!


New Year? New You? Be an Angel!

Earn some extra cash this year – become an Angel! We are always looking for new applicants in all our offices. We offer top rates, extremely flexible hours and plenty more. Search through available jobs now! You will be part of a professional Agency with a long-established and enviable reputation for quality in-home care and support services. We are actively recruiting in Sydney and Melbourne right now!


Keep those New Years resolutions!

How many resolutions have you made on January 1 that are well ant truly broken by the beginning of February? These failed resolutions are usually the product of setting goals that are too restricting or overly ambitious, making us lose motivation early on. Here are a few ideas for long-term resolutions to last you the whole year:

·     Change your attitude towards health – small decisions on a daily basis such as choosing water over soft drink will have a bigger impact than going cold turkey on the things you love

·    Integrate exercise – instead of aiming for hours at the gym try using the stairs at work and walking more, if it becomes part of your routine it is more likely to stick

·     Make time to unplug daily. Getting away from the computer, work and social media will help with stress and anxiety levels.


January 2014

Happy New Year! I look forward to 2014 being another busy and exciting year and hope that over the holiday period you were able to take some time to relax and rejuvenate, spending time away from work with family and friends. We are really happy with the projects completed during 2013 and are all really excited at the projects we have planned for the coming year. The launch of our new website is close!

With the holidays winding down, children almost back to school and work lurking around the corner, those New Year’s resolutions we have made can often fall by the wayside – we have some ideas for resolutions that might actually stick!

Our Lindfield office is looking for a new Care Support Coordinator, someone with a background in Nursing or Care who would like to move into an office environment working with private homecare clients. A truly rewarding and fantastic opportunity awaits the right person to work for our long-standing and very friendly operations in Lindfield. If you know someone who might be interested or if you are interested you can learn more here and apply!

Finally, don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is just almost here too. If you’re looking to have a date night, be sure to book your babysitter early, as this night of year is one of our busiest and we book up fast!

Until next month,
Danielle Robertson

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