"I loved the idea of your business and my extended relatives were able to utilise the services of your angels and spoke highly of it. So thank you for that."

“Thank you again Danielle...you run an amazing organisation with such caring and extremely competent staff. Charlie is doing really well...thank you so much for asking. I am also handling things so much better now! If we ever need help again, we will definitely be back in touch...you and your angels were so wonderful”

“The Lindfield Office was professional and courteous tending our needs and matching an Angel to suit the job. Angel Michelle arrived on the doorstep and within the hour was preparing dinner and getting to know the children. The children could keep their routine of school and sport activities in their own environment. The dog also enjoyed a regular walk and attention.”

"The law firm was outstanding in their compassion in my situation. It made me realise that the firm I work for really appreciate and value the work I do. It is unlikely that I would look to ever changing jobs. I really appreciated the support rendered by DIAL-AN-ANGEL over that six-week period, the quality of the Angels was phenomenal. The Angels were professional and extremely compassionate towards my sister and her children during what was a very difficult period."

"We've been using DIAL-AN-ANGEL for our onsite crèches for several years. The quality of the staff Angels is exceptionally high. We often have last minute acceptances and DIAL-AN-ANGEL acts immediately to ensure the ratios of Angels to babies is adequate. It gives our employees the chance to spend time with their work colleagues, managers and partners without worrying about their baby for a few hours."

"I was deeply concerned about the case I was running. Knowing both my kids were unwell and then to find out my regular nanny phoned in sick. After consulting with the firm's senior partner, it was decided that I was to phone DIAL-AN-ANGEL to organise two days of assistance. The Angel was fabulous. I will be using DIAL-AN-ANGEL on a personal basis now after trailing the services through work and seeing how easy it is to organise".