Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

Usually linked to a hospital, geriatric centre or community health centre. An ACAT team is likely to include a doctor, nurse, social worker, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. Upon request you can visit them or they will visit you in your home. Their purpose is to decide what level of care and support services are best for a person and whether this can best be provided in the home, in a hostel or a nursing home.

Aged Care Client Record

The Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) is the form completed by the Aged Care Assessment Team following an assessment. It includes information about your assessment and approval for you to receive a Home Care Package, transition care or help at home or move into an aged care home

Ageing In Place

A concept that allows someone to choose to remain in his/her living environment regardless of the physical and/or mental decline that may occur with the aging process of aging.

Alzheimer's Disease

A progressive, neurodegenerative disease characterised by loss of function and death of nerve cells in several areas of the brain, leading to loss of mental functions such as memory and learning. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia.


The ability to walk freely and independently, not bedridden or hospitalised.


An applicant accepted for registration with DIAL-AN-ANGEL® after having been personally interviewed and fully screened (with all references confirmed verbally). Police clearances and "Working with Children Checks" are undertaken where State Laws allow. They are covered for Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances; Superannuation is paid and lodged with an approved fund if the Angel meets the superannuation threshold within a payroll month; Income tax deductions PAYG are made by the Agency and forwarded monthly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Approved Provider

If you receive government subsidised aged care, services or accommodation, then an approved provider may deliver them to you. An approved provider is the organisation that owns and operates aged care services including home, flexible and residential care, which may be provided to you in your own home, in the community or in an aged care home.

Assistant In Nursing (AIN)

A person, other than a registered nurse, trainee or enrolled nurse who provides unqualified nursing services.

Attendant Carers

Angels who have experience and/or training in caring for the ill, injured or disabled but who do not necessarily hold nursing qualifications. This service is likely to include but is not limited to personal care such as bathing, assisting with toileting and hygiene, feeding, administering and monitoring oral medications.


To be bedridden