A product that works by abrasion or scouring action

Acrylic Floor Finish

A water based product that dries hard and glossy


Compounds that contain one or more hydroxyl group. Alcohols used in cleaners are; ethyl, methyl, propyl and butyl

All-Purpose Cleaner

A powder or liquid detergent suitable for general household cleaning


An applicant accepted for registration with DIAL-AN-ANGEL® after having been personally interviewed and fully screened (with all references confirmed verbally). Police clearances and "Working with Children Checks" are undertaken where State Laws allow. They are covered for Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances; Superannuation is paid and lodged with an approved fund if the Angel meets the superannuation threshold within a payroll month; Income tax deductions PAYG are made by the Agency and forwarded monthly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO)


Counteracts bacteria 


An agent that destroys bacteria, fungi, protozoa or any virus that is pathogenic 


Microscopic single cell living organisms responsible for illness in humans


A product that is used for cleaning. removing stains and whitening/brightening fabrics 


Optical or fluorescent enhancers found in product cleaners