Top Tips

Here are our top tips for applying for a role with DIAL-AN-ANGEL®:

  • Be prepared for an interview and do some research about the organisation and the role you are applying for ahead of time.
  • Get back to basics, dress appropriately and always be polite.
  • Always introduce yourself by giving your full name, and put a smile in your voice.
  • Before going to any interview, look at yourself in a mirror and see if you look your best.
  • Always be early. Leave plenty of time to get to the interview. Rushing breeds panic.
  • Be polite and friendly with whomever you meet in the process from the very first phone call to the last goodbye to the receptionist on your way out.
  • Provide examples and support statements about yourself and about how you managed a particular role. These will provide legitimacy to your experience claims.
  • Do a quick online 'health check' by conducting a Google search on yourself. Whatever you find is pretty much what your prospective employer will see. If there is something potentially embarrassing or inappropriate (like that tagged photo), try to get rid of it.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate original documents and/or qualifications we require in each state to apply for a role. 

All Angel® applicants are required to provide the following information at the time of interview:

  • Three contactable references – 2 work and 1 character reference
  • Clear current National Police Certificate – No disclosable court outcomes (If you do not have a Police Clearance we can assist you by doing an online application)
  • Current identification (100 point check)
  • Yellow Card for Disability Services – QLD only (recommended and if applicable)
  • The appropriate visa to work in Australia (with at least 12 months before expiration)
  • All Care Angels (child care, nursing and disability) need a minimum current Apply First Aid or Apply Advanced First Aid Certificate (unless a Registered Nurse)
  • If working with children a “Working with Children Check” (or equivalent)

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