DIAL-AN-ANGEL All Stars hit the recording studio!

At DIAL-AN-ANGEL®'s national conference, we used the services of Song Division for our Team Building Experience. And what an experience it was. Everyone involved had a ball.

We wrote our own original songs, pairing catchy lyrics with fantastic backing music provided by the band. We used our 45th Anniversary celebration and the theme of the conference, ‘Engagement', to inspire our song writing.

It was a fantastic way to bring our team closer together, with everyone willing to jump in the deep end and perform their songs for the camera. The vibe in the room was incredible, who knows how we will beat this for next years conference?

Each video has been posted on YouTube for all our Angels and Clients to enjoy. You can find them at the links below.

"Angel in the Home"

"Call me, I'm your Angel"

"Our Angels Make Us Fly"


Sit back, relax and enjoy the songs we wrote to celebrate our 45 years in business!

If you like what you hear make sure you "like" us and share our videos with your friends! But beware you will find yourself humming these very catchy tunes for days.



Established in 1967 it is the only national agency specialising in the provision of aged, home and childcare. The agency provides Angels for housekeeping & home cleaning, gardening & home maintenance, nannying and babysitting, supervised contact visits, party help, pet care, caretaking, concierge services, aged care, in-home nursing, dementia, palliative and disability care in the home. A wide range of services are available to businesses such as medico legal reporting (Expert Witness Facilities available), employee work-life flexibility programs, trade promotions for competitions and emergency care programs for children and seniors.

As a national company we have offices around Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Central Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. For further information call 1300 721 111 or email administration@dialanangel.com