Service User Rights & Responsibilities

My Rights as a user of DIAL-AN-ANGEL® services cover the manner of my care treatment and my involvement in the process including how that care may adapt to my circumstances and the information that I provide. They are summarised as follows:

1. GENERAL - my right to;

  • Be treated with dignity, with my privacy respected.
  • Receive care that is respectful of me, my family and home.
  • Have my individual preferences respected, particularly culturally and linguistically.
  • Be treated and accepted as an individual.
  • Be treated without exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect.
  • Receive care without being expected to be grateful to those providing my care.
  • Fully use my human, legal and consumer rights, including freedom of speech regarding my care.


  • Have the choice of care and services from my service provider that best suit my assessed needs.
  • Participate in making decisions that affect me or if I am unable, to have my advocate (representative) participate in decisions that put me at the centre of the care.
  • Be given before, or within 14 days after I commence receiving care, a written plan of the care and services that I expect to receive.
  • Receive care and services as described in the plan that take account of my lifestyle including my religious preferences.
  • Receive reliable, coordinated, safe, quality care and services which are appropriate to my assessed needs.
  • Ongoing review of the care and services I receive (both periodic and in response to changes in my personal circumstances) and modification of the care and services as required.

3. COMMUNICATIONS - my right to;

  • Choose a person to speak on my behalf for any purpose.
  • Request or choose a person to help me understand any information I am given verbally or in writing.
  • Receive a written agreement that includes all agreed matters for a contracted period.
  • Access my personal information
  • Privacy and confidentiality of my personal information.
  • Be given information on how to make comments and complaints about the care and services I receive.
  • Complain about the care and services I receive, without fear of losing the care or being disadvantaged in any other way.
  • Have complaints investigated fairly, in a timely manner and confidentially, and to have appropriate steps taken to resolve issues of concern.

4. COSTS FOR ATTENDANT CARE - my right to;

  • Be charged fees that are offered and explained in response to my or my advocate's outline of my assessed needs.
  • Have my fees reviewed periodically and on request when there are changes to my care needs and/or extraordinary circumstances.
  • Have invoices that are clear, timely and in a readable format following the care services.

My Responsibilities as a Service User of DIAL-AN-ANGEL are to;

  • Respect the rights of care workers to their human, legal and industrial rights including the right to work in a safe environment (my duty of care).
  • Treat care workers without exploitation, abuse, discrimination or harassment
  • Abide by the terms of the written agreement.
  • Give enough information to assist the approved provider to develop, deliver and review a care plan
  • Comply with the contract of care and the associated care plan
  • Acknowledge that my needs may change and to negotiate modifications of care and service when my care needs do change.
  • Accept responsibility for my own actions and choices even though some actions and choices may involve an element of risk.
  • Tell the service provider and their staff about any problems with the care and services
  • Allow safe and reasonable access for care workers at the times specified in my care plan or otherwise by agreement
  • Provide reasonable notice if I do not require a service, which is outlined in our Terms of Business.
  • Pay any fee as specified in the agreement by the due date or negotiate an alternative arrangement with the provider in a timely manner, if any changes occur in my financial circumstances.
  • Provide enough information for the approved provider to determine an appropriate level of fee
  • Respect the staff management.