Vision, Values & Ethics

DIAL-AN-ANGELĀ® Vision Statement

To extend our position as market leaders by recruiting only the best applicants. Our aim is to exceed our clients' expectations based on the quality of our services.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL Statement of Intent (aka Mission Statement)

To provide in a professional manner, care without compromise and quality support services at realistic and affordable rates.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL Core Values and Ethics

DIAL-AN-ANGEL with its associated Group of Companies:

1. is a professional, ethical Group displaying integrity, reliability and empathy; which provides superior in-home care and family support services and which aims to extend its unchallenged reputation for reliability and provision of quality services;

2. is committed to continually improving its service to clients while maintaining an appreciation of the diversity of its clients, Angels and staff;

3. builds the service to meet the need, because the organisation is big enough to help and small enough to care;

4. accepts that challenging bookings are its specialty;

5. is conscious of health, safety and environmental objectives and has as its objective, the provision of a safe, reliable, affordable and efficient service that meets or exceeds its clients' requirements and expectations;

6. is a multi-faceted service provider, which offers opportunities for people who may not have qualifications or extensive work experience to work the hours and in the areas they choose;

7. believes that in everything undertaken, an appreciation of diversity is promoted and shared by the Executive, Management and staff in their interactions with each other, with the Angels who accept the assignments and with the clients of DIAL-AN-ANGEL;

8. is an organisation of choice for private individuals, business services and an employer of preference;

9. is an essential service in the community, trusted to care for our client's families and homes as if they were our own.